About Sarees!

From past 120 years these are used by the people. There are 1500 silk houses and one lakh looms. Saree cost ranges from 2000 to 1 lakh with usual price value at 8000 will mostly prefered by the people. Coming to types we can design the sarees by using kundans, chamkies, stones and also opposite colours. Most preferable. Depending on the saree design the cost will increase. We can find Dharmavaram sarrees for any cost.

Designs and Colors

We can find any types of designs. One laksh members came from delhi to design. We can find number of colours mainly yellow maroon combinations. These colours are mostly prefarable for marriages. Write a good description

nuvvu pattu saree kadithe putthadi bomma danyamavunu kachitanga pattupurugu janma. Aggipeteelo patte antha saree nesindi kuda dmm lone.

50 lakhs petti samba movie lo venkateswara swamy kosam nesindi chupincharu. Chiina pillalu pattu pavadala

nunchi musali vallu kuda dharmavaram pattu chiralu istapadatharu.

Dharmavaram a small town of rich handloom cluster situated in the District of Anantapur of Rayalaseema region in A.P. Amongst the silk weaves the Dharmavaram silk sarees are famous. Broad solid colours borders with contrast pallou woven with brocaded gold patterns are the coveted wedding sarees. Simpler patterns for every day use have the specialty of being woven in two colours which give an effect of muted double shades accentuated by the solid colour border and pallove. Though the Dharmavaram sarees are some what similar to Kanchipuram sarees of Tamilnadu, yet the muted colours, the double shades create a total different effect.

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